It is my desire to promote passion, purpose and to invoke productive change in the lives of those I reach.

Through Speaking, hosting and book promos, I have the opportunity to reach the masses with my unique speaking/teaching style and innate ability to clearly and concisly connect with those I am privilaged to stand before.

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She's speaking my language...
Connection is a very powerful and reliable way to affect a persons life to the point of change. Whether the audience is small or large, the hearer needs to connect with what is being communicated.

I have years of education as well as experience in small group and mass communication. For twenty years I have spoken at conferences, workshops, special events, etc. reaching individuals from all walks of life. Encouraging, motivating and helping gain a proper perspective and a vision for their purpose and passion.

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Open Book...
  Five –time published author, Jessica  Karin is exclusively offering her expertise and editing services for aspiring and established authors. Since publishing her first book almost 10 years ago (2009), she developed a desire to inspire and assist others to express their thoughts and inspirations through printed and electronic reading material. Now, she extends that assistance to the general public through editing and publishing design services. Check out the Individual Selective services and the Editorial Packages and choose which service best suits your publishing needs.
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