Who I am...

Jessica Karin is an author and speaker. Jessica is dedicated to helping individuals discover their purpose and destiny in life, devlop and successfully maintain healthy and long lasting relationships and develop strong faith, trust and love in God. Thus, positioning themselves to do the same for others.

A native of Philadelphia, PA, Jess recognized her unique ability to connect with, empower, captivate and motivate an audience as a teenager. At sixteen, Jess started teaching development classes for her peers as a teen leader in her local youth ministry. As her desire grew to speak before broader audiences, she recieved invitations to speak at various workshops and conferences.

​For twenty years, Jessica Karin has been speaking into the lives of youth and adults through empowerment, leadership, development workshops and conferences. She has traveled training individuals through practical yet powerful teaching. Jessica has experience as a television and radio host and is also a published author of five books, does motivational speaking and has an internet radio show. Jessica Karin is dedicated to empowering individuals to maximize their God-Given potential in life. 

What I Speak on...

DIVINE DESTINY & PURPOSE: There is a distinct and definitive purpose and plan for your life. You God-given destiny is unique to who you are and where your going. I’ll assist you in discovering that purpose and plan.
INTRAPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Healthy external relationships begin with a healthy internal relationship. I’ll help you identify unhealthy intra-relational habits and how to develop a healthier perspective.

INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: It’s virtually inevitable to avoid interaction with others and some of us
struggle with obtaining healthy external relationships. I can assist you in identifying road blocks and help you on the
road to relational success.

WOMEN ENCOURAGEMENT: I believe that women are already empowered but need to be encouraged to walk
in that power. I can help push them in a direction that’s comparable to who they are created to be.

YOUTH & YOUNG ADULT EMPOWERMENT: in today's society, we view youth & young adults as
being small and insignificant. I can assist in not only mobilizing the most overlooked age
group in our society but mobilize others, not in that group, to reach out to, impact and
encourage our young people.